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Panoramafoto einer grossen Halle
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Perhaps you asked yourself how the two overlying title panoramas might have been captured. Let me exemplify the technical approach behind this underground image:

The image was captured, rather as an exception than the rule, without any assistance and with ca. 10 kg of photo equipment fitting into a medium sized caving bag. The image is a panorama format with almost 180° field of view, and was not shot as a single image but each of the two lighting variants was stitched from four overlapping individual shots. The images were taken with a PENTAX K7 and the Sigma EX 10-20/3.5 wide angle lens, utilising a light-weight tripod with a panorama head comprising a rotation plate and a nodal point adapter. The image furthest to the left was shot additionally with me in the image (utilised elsewhere on this web site). Hence, in total the following nine raw images were taken.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

The ceiling and the foreground of the cave chamber were lit with four compact electronic flash-guns (two on the perimeters of the scene and two facing from the bottom of the chamber towards the ceiling). These were triggered via a small infrared flash on the camera and slave units in the flashes. The warm light in the centre of the chamber was produced by giant vintage flashbulbs (Sylvania PF60) which emit much more light than a conventional flash-gun (guide number 180 metres!) - enough power to illuminate the ca. 50 x 30 m large chamber at f6.3 and ISO 200. In order to trigger the camera while firing the flashbulbs in the centre of the chamber I utilised a small radio-controlled trigger unit.

Back home at the computer, each individual image RAW was processed with Lightroom 3 and stitched with the panorama software PTGui, before cropping to final size. Finally, the images were imported in Dreamweaver CS4 and eventually made their way on this web site.

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At www.speleo-foto.de you'll find portfolios related to various aspects of karst- and cave photography, as well as portraits of some of the most bizarre caves on earth - and, as a special feature, a number of elaborate panoramas.

Enjoy the journey into the underworld!

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