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Max Wisshak in einem Schluf
Photo: Artur Hofmann

... my "Caving CV":

Caving since 1994 in horizontal, vertical, squeezy, vast, clean, super muddy, wet, dry, hot, cold, and damn cold caves in Germany, France, Austria, Poland, Romania, Italy, Portugal, New Zealand, and the USA.
As a member of the Höhlenforschungsgruppe Ostalb-Kirchheim (Germany) and the Spéléo Club de Béziers (France) I explored and mapped dozens of caves in Germany, Austria, France, and the USA, and reported upon the outcome in numerous articles. Main areas of exploration are the Plateau ‘Reiteralpe’ in the alpine karst of Germany / Austria, the cave system Les Ecossaises in the Montagne Noir in the south of France, and Lechuguilla Cave (expedition leader and cartographer) in the USA. My camera is often an integral part both of caving expeditions as well as karstic travels with my wife and good friends.
In “normal day live” I am a geology research associate in the field of marine geology at the Institute Senckenberg am Meer at Wilhelmshaven, Germany.

I'm open for missions for the National Geographic Society ;-) and for any constructive criticism
- ranging from honest praise down to abyssal censure -
and welcome you to contact me via E-mail addressed to:



Max Wisshak am Seil
Photo: Stephan Lang

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